Piezito – An Innovation in Dental Ultrasonics

Introducing the worlds first truly intelligent scaler

Piezito has been developed with the Intelligent power curve system to provide the optimum power curve for each application, presenting new and diverse opportunities for the use of ultrasonics in dentistry.

  • 6 high quality colour corrected LED’s of varying intensity surround the tip precisely illuminating the defined work area, optimising depth of field and visual clarity whilst reducing eye strain.
  • Piezito uses state of the art touch sensitive controls for managing the light cure function, ultrasonic power and light intensity for illumination.

Unique light curing feature

This compact table top ultrasonic unit also incorporates a control system for a high quality, programmable light curing feature offering varying intensity of light, length of cure and finally an immediate step or gradual increase from 200mW/per cm2 to 1200mW/per cm2


Welcome to the next generation of ultrasonic technology

The development team at TTT have defined the control systems and applications of the ultrasonic unit.
How did WE do it?

Intelligent power curve control system

This unique patented technology creates an optimum power curve enabling precise choice and control over the whole range of load.This provides unrivalled efficiency across a range of applications whilst optimising patient comfort.

Technologies currently used elsewhere in the market work simply by increasing power as pressure is applied.
As a result, efficiency, patient comfort and mechanical resistance of the tip are compromised due to the narrow band width of the power curve.
Therefore, competitor units incorporating this technology are only efficient in limited areas.

Our technical development team at TTT are leaders in ultrasonic technologies. This new generation of ultrasonic technology, together with future applications, will help lead to a new level of efficiency in patient care.

Features and benefits
  • Lightweight, ergonomic handpiece design providing the ultimate in tactile transmission and comfort. Handpieces are manufactured to meet current infection control requirements.
  • 6 high quality colour corrected LED’s for precision illumination of the oral cavity increasing depth of field and clarity of vision.
  • Touch sensitive multifunctional control panel – ergonomic control for all three functions.
  • Magnetic handpiece mounting system to ensure precise placement of the handpiece to the unit.
Intelligent power curve

The control system ensures the right power at the right time for every application.

Unique handpiece recognition system

The unit is designed with specific handpieces therefore preventing error.


Piezo Scaler Compare

  • Other piezo ultrasonic units have a limited range of actions which begin the cycle at too high an intensity and peak rapidly at between 8-10 watts.
  • The graph indicates that anything above 8 watts is not only outside the patient comfort zone but will also increase the risk of fractured instruments, overheating and possible damage to the handpiece.
  • As indicated, the more pressure applied, the less power is generated, which is the reason why dry work applications have been limited up to now.
  • TTT have developed a unique system to overcome these problems. Looking at the graph, we can see that the Piezito has a much wider power curve starting at a very low wattage and gradually increasing to a maximum of 8 watts. This retains a consistent power output delivery when high pressure on the handpiece is requested, representing a much gentler treatment for the patient. As we can see, as the load is increased, the Piezito responds with even greater efficiency and no loss of power. It is due to this intelligent power curve that we will have unlimited potential in the field of both wet and dry work use in the future.

Unique double effect design

A range of revolutionary double EFFECT tips to improve acoustic streaming With the unique double effect design the water displacement is accelerated. The speed increases the acoustic streaming and cavitation for a more efficient and gentle treatment.

Unique new double effect tip provides:
  • increased cavitation
  • improved acoustic streaming
  • gentler
  • time saving
  • swiss precision engineering
  • conical shank provides more strength and stability
  • No.1 choice with hygienists
  • different thread configurations
  • available to fit with leading piezo-electric handpieces


Supragingival deposit removal on all tooth surfaces.

Difficult to access and interproximal surfaces.

General subgingival removal on all tooth surfaces.

Deep subgingival surfaces and root debridement.

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