What Do Our Clients Say

Our point-of-use ozone machine from Mint Devices has been a complete revelation.
Before the device, we would have slabs of biofilm peeling off the inside of the suction pipes and blocking up the suction motor on a weekly basis, ever since we moved to our current location. Since the device over one year on, we have not had to clean it out once!
We have always used colloidal silver in our bottled water system for the units. Just before using the ozone we tested water samples from our DUWLs through Sonic Food and Water Testing. One line returned a plate count of >3,000 colony forming units/ml, which shocked us.
I then carried out a “shock treatment” of all the lines with hypochlorite before using the ozone. A month later all the lines tested >1 CFUs. Over 1 year on, no line is over 20 CFUs.
I have no hesitation in saying the machine has been a great investment. It has become an essential piece of equipment for me.

Dr David Young, David Young & Assoc

I recently attended a lecture by Prof. Laurie Walsh on this subject and he reinforced what I knew about Ozone and also highlighted new electrolytic technology that has been developed by BioWell Ozone to produce ozonated water. This led me to invest in a full system to ozonate all the water coming into my practice. Now every drop of water we use is automatically treated with Ozone. The water that goes into the dental units is ozonated, the water in our ultrasonic scalers is ozonated, the water we wash our hands with is ozonated and even the water in the toilet bowl is ozonated. Everything. Ozotop system can deliver Ozone gas into perio pockets and root canals or to treat pericoronitis and peri-implantitis by immediately reducing bacteriological load, promoting faster healing. I see a lot of difficult and complicated cases and we see a lot of special needs patients. We do a lot of implant surgery and a lot of treatment under IV sedation. Infection control is paramount for us and ozonating all the water in the practice, for all intents and purposes, sterilises it.
Dr J.Berne, Beecroft Dental

When my good friend Dr Anne-Marie Cole found out I was having radiotherapy to treat a malignant tumor in my neck she personally rang Mint Devices to insist an Ozotop be delivered to my practice the next day. Like me, she was aware of the debilitating mucositis and ulceration that accompanies radiotherapy to the mouth. Unlike me, however, she knew how effective Ozone can be in treating ulceration. The horror stories of oral radiotherapy are many, but with the assistance of the OZOTOP machine I was able to heal most of the oral ulceration DURING treatment, and effectively manage the pain of those I couldn’t heal. I haven’t heard of anyone who got through oral radiotherapy as easily as me and the only difference was the Ozone. Sure it’s anecdotal and a case study of one, but when the case study is you that means a lot.
Dr Brett Taylor

Tony and his team were fantastic installing the BioWell water ozonation system and it was perfect from Day One. The system is so easy to use as it dispenses the ideal concentration at the touch of a button. I use the ozonated water for every patient as a pre-procedural rinse and in the bottled water of the chairs. We use it for rinsing out periodontal and extraction sockets, during implant surgery and as an adjunct for endodontic irrigation. The DAs use the water to rinse and clean all the equipment prior to sterilisation and wipe down all contaminated surfaces. Since using the ozonation protocol we have had zero postoperative complications even after extended surgical sessions.
Dr Jason Pang, Cosmic Smile Dental

Ozone in water can kill bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms by rapidly rupturing their cell membranes (within several seconds). The same effects occur when dental plaque is exposed to ozonated water as a rinse. Ozonated water has no side-effects such as unpleasant taste or tooth staining, which are characteristic of other biocides or disinfecting agents.
Professor Laurence Walsh, University of Queensland

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