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Our Unique Technology

MINT Devices is a progressive Australian based company providing Unique Technology solutions in the Dental, Medical, Veterinary & Food services industries.
Our products are innovatively engineered for simple operation and installation while maintaining reliable and superior level performance.

Our goal is to provide a clean and sustainable solution for enhancing quality of life while reducing environmental impacts.
We will continue to actively pursue high-performance technology and innovative designs to offer the best products.

Kona Infection Control

MINT Devices is introducing the latest innovation in infection prevention - Kona Infection Control faucet which brings the benefits of ozone to all your infection control needs.

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MINT Devices has proudly become exclusive distributor of the revolutionary EnozoPRO aqueous ozone bottle for Australasia. EnozoPRO revolutionizes the way people sanitize, deodorize and clean spaces.

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Seiler Microscopes

Seiler Precision Microscopes provides high quality optics and service to the medical, dental, and ophthalmology industry.

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Ozone is the most powerful naturally occurring agent – the same element that cleanses the Earth’s atmosphere, balancing the bacteria population and neutralizing harmful chemicals. It quickly kills pathogens and does not build up on surfaces the way detergents and chemicals can.

Ozone is US FDA approved for direct food contact and is the most effective and safest disinfectant available.

In dentistry, Ozonated water can be used to protect patients and staff from bacteria and infections. It is safe to handle and can be used on water contactable surfaces. Ozone is more powerful than sodium hypochlorite and is an excellent coagulant.

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Benefits of Ozone

Ozone readily decomposes into oxygen and leaves no harmful residues, by-products, tastes, or odors.

It has been used in the dental medicine sector since the beginning of the last century and, if we’re talking about reliable disinfectants, today it is hard to imagine dentistry without it.

Ozone is the most effective and safest disinfectant available.


Why Ozonated Water?

Ozonated water has been suggested as an alternative pre-procedural rinse to existing agents such as chlorhexidine and essential oils. Ozone in water can kill bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms within several seconds by rapidly rupturing their cell membranes. The same effects occur when dental plaque is exposed to ozonated water as a rinse.

Highly efficient

Ozone has 3 125 times stronger disinfecting power on bacteria and virus compared to chlorine and it is an instant bacteria killer.


Ozone is highly effective in the prevention of inflammation and infection. It reaches all areas that need disinfecting and keeps the risk of new infection to a minimum.

Excellent results

Ozone quickly kills pathogens and does not build up on surfaces the way detergents and chemicals can.

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