OZOTOP …for use against bacteria and viruses

“When my good friend Dr Anne-Marie Cole found out I was having radiotherapy to treat a malignant tumour in my neck she personally rang Mint Devices to insist an Ozotop be delivered to my practice the next day. Like me, she was aware of the debilitating mucositis and ulceration that accompanies radiotherapy to the mouth. Unlike me, however, she knew how effective ozone can be in treating ulceration. The horror stories of oral radiotherapy are many, but with the assistance of the ozotop machine I was able to heal most of the oral ulceration DURING treatment, and effectively manage the pain of those I couldn't heal. I haven't heard of anyone who got through oral radiotherapy as easily as me and the only difference was the ozone. Sure it’s anecdotal and a case study of one, but when the case study is you that means a lot.”

Dr Brett Taylor, Sydney, Australia


Manufactured in Switzerland by TTT produces a precise gas volume with a defined ozone concentration via Corona discharge technology. Ozone penetrates into fissures and dentinal tubules allowing minerals to flood in providing instant pain relief. It is more powerful than sodium hypochlorite and is an excellent coagulant.

The OZOTOP provides the minimum amount of ozone required for disinfection after extractions or before inserting implants, minimally invasive cavity preparation; Periodontology for disinfecting deep periodontal pockets. Endodontics For disinfecting the root canal and the surrounding side canals.

Make use of OZOTOP’s power

With Ozotop, the new ozone generator by TTT, you will discover the unexpected powers of disinfection. Suitable for use in virtually all aspects of dentistry, it is highly effective in the prevention of inflammation and infection.

Ozotop-power at a glance:

Fast: Ozone doesn’t need time to start working – treatment time is reduced.

Effective: Ozone reaches all areas that need disinfecting and keeps the risk of new infection to a minimum.

Safe: The dosage is preset on the device – overexposure is not possible.

Simple: Ozotop is handy, easy to manage and convenient to use.

Power you can rely on

Ozone is a powerful form of oxygen. It is produced by exposing the filtered air to a high electrical voltage and applied directly, destroying bacteria and viruses through oxidation.

Functional principle of Ozotop

Air is drawn into the device through a special pump. This air is transferred to a filter that purifies and dehydrates it. The clean dry air is then induced into the generator.

Good, safe treatment assured:

  • Only a minimal dose of ozone is needed for effective treatment. That is why Ozotop only produces such minimal amounts. Combined with the preset application times (6″, 12″, 18″, 24″) the best possible treatment results are therefore guaranteed.
  • Dosage measurements are continually being monitored by a unique patented sensor in the device, which means the minimal amounts cannot be exceeded.
  • The generated ozone immediately breaks down to become oxygen after the treatment.

Ozone, the essentials

By discharging a high-voltage tube, our device produces the exact concentration and dosage of ozone. Ozotop is extremely practical and easy to use – the necessary dosages for the different applications are preset:

6 Seconds – Cavity disinfection technique:

  • Prepare cavity as per standard procedure
  • Select 6″ on display panel
  • Disinfect cavity
  • Place restoration

6 Seconds – Acid-etch bonding technique for composite restoration:


  • Prepare tooth surface as per standard procedure
  • Apply and rinse etching gel
  • Ozotop disinfection of the cavity
  • Apply bonding agent and restoration as normal

12 Seconds – Surgical disinfection:

  • Surgical disinfection i.e. Extraction, implant placement
  • Disinfection of crowns, posts, inlays-onlays-veneers

18 Seconds – Periodontal disinfection:

  • Debride and irrigate pocket as usual
  • Apply ozone to disinfect

24 Seconds – Endodontic disinfection:

  • Prepare and clean the canal system as per standard procedure
  • When the canals are ready for obturation, dry with paper points
  • Inject gas directly into canal to disinfect
  • Complete obturation procedure


The Ozotop tip is sterilizable, 100%

Become your patients’ friend

Ozotop uses an ozone/oxygen mix that is administered in exact doses. Due to its gaseous form, the mixture reaches all areas that need disinfecting and penetrates every fissure. So you can now start treating your patients even more effectively!

Ozotop is effective

Ozone has been used in the dental medicine sector since the beginning of the last century and, if we’re talking about reliable disinfectants, today it is hard to imagine dentistry without it.

The best example can be found in endodontics: whereas treatment using traditional disinfectants creates air pockets preventing penetration right to the end of the canal, the use of ozone allows the entire root canal, including any auxiliary canals, to be disinfected.

Ozotop is gentle

Ozone uses a natural germ killing oxidation process.

Unlike antibiotics, it not only kills bacteria, but also viruses.

It has a strong anti-inflammatory function and aids haemostasis. So, by using Ozotop, you can keep chemicals to a minimum and treat your patients with care.

Ozotop is fast

In contrast to other disinfectants, ozone reacts immediately on contact. As soon as ozone is applied to tissues, nerve endings are desensitized and pain is suppressed in the medium-term.

The application time is defined by the type of treatment and covers the entire disinfection process.

According to the different types of treatments, Ozotop has specific disposable tips for each application:

  • Coro-tip: for cavity disinfection, restorative and surgical applications

  • Endo-tip: for root canal disinfection

  • Perio-tip: for periodontal disinfection

OZOTOP – The ultimate disinfection

The revolution in ozone-based caries treatment moves forward: OZOTOP paved the way for highly effective, pain-free caries and root canal treatment with ozone and the success story continues.

The newest technology, OZOTOP can deliver therapeutically correct ozone concentrations, taking disinfection in dentistry to a new level.

Ozone has been used as a powerful disinfectant in medicine for decades. In fact, it is known as the ultimate disinfection chemical.

The OZOTOP now makes it possible to very successfully exploit the disinfectant properties of ozone in a wide variety of dental applications.


OZOTOP - Safe and rapid disinfection in the oral cavity

The OZOTOP is fast and reliable for disinfection in the oral cavity

  • Virucidal
  • Bactericidal
  • Fungicidal

Correctly dosed ozone can be used in many dental applications. It penetrates to even the smallest pits and fissures of the teeth to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi.


Effective, Economical and Innovative

OZOTOP delivers convincing results in caries and endodontic treatment. Extensive user experience by over 3000 users demonstrates impressive therapeutic results. Patient satisfaction is very high.

OZOTOP features a sophisticated, safe and patented application system, making treatment safe for the patient and the dental practice team.


Win-win situation for dentists and patients

Advantages for the dentist

  • Better treatment results
  • Increased treatment safety
  • Time savings
  • Relaxed treatment
  • Marketing instrument

Advantages for the patient

  • No stress and anxiety
  • Increased treatment safety
  • Shorter treatment times
  • Painless and gentle caries treatment
  • Maximum preservation of healthy tooth structure

No pain, no cavities

  • No anaesthesia, no drilling, no pain
  • No complications
  • No fillings needed in many cases
  • Maximum preservation of healthy tooth structure

Ozone-treated teeth are more resistant to caries.


OZOTOP for rapid and safe root canal treatment

The innovative OZOTOP treatment concept can also be applied for effective root canal treatment. A complete endodontic procedure can be performed using the sophisticated new OZOTOP system, which comes with endodontic tips specifically designed for the safe disinfection and drying of root canals.

No need for silicone cups – the positive pressure system delivers ozone to all areas that require disinfection.

The excellent disinfecting action of OZOTOP in root canals is scientifically proven.


OZOTOP – For gentle caries treatment

OZOTOP is a painless and noninvasive new method of caries therapy. In many cases, it makes it possible to complete caries treatment with no drilling, no anesthesia, no side effects and no late complications. Early caries detection often makes it possible to avoid drilling and filling, thus allowing maximum preservation of healthy tooth structure. Thanks to these features, OZOTOP is ideally suited for treatment of children and anxious patients.

The painless treatment procedure lets your patients relax, reducing the burden on you and your entire practice team.OZOTOP contributes to a relaxed treatment experience in many ways. It allows you to very gently yet thoroughly treat fissure, smooth surface or root caries with no injections, drilling and filling.

The efficacy of OZOTOP is scientifically proven.

Your patients won’t mind coming in for regular check-ups because even if cavities are found, they can be treated without pain and stress.


OZOTOP – Safe and gentle

OZOTOP achieves significant results in the treatment of initial or frank fissure caries and smooth surface caries. Caries treatment with OZOTOP preserves healthy tooth structure in the region of the root and neck of the teeth, which are particularly pain-sensitive areas.



  • Permits noninvasive or minimally invasive early-stage caries treatment with maximum preservation of healthy tooth structure.
  • Preserves healthy tooth structure and is easy on the nerves of your patients.

Can be used in combination with a caries diagnosis system, opening a number of treatment and prevention options that enhance the range of services offered by the dental practice.


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