Promise Vision 3D Microscope


Revolutionary 3D Dental Surgical Microscope

Seiler Precision Microscopes introduces a revolutionary 3D Dental surgical microscope.

Easy of use, lightweight, fluid maneuverability and heads-up 3D display make Seiler’s PromiseVision 3D a breeze to work with.

Watch a seamless, magnified video image at 1080p and 60 frames per second with the fastest image processing available.

With up to 28X magnification, unprecedented depth of field and German apochromatic lenses, it’s revolutionizing the way surgical microscopes are used worldwide.

Dentistry fact

Dentists are at high risk for musculoskeletal disorders due to the nature of their work. The key to preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders is ergonomics.
Seiler’s PromiseVision 3D ensures the dentist practices in an upright, working posture while keeping visual contact with patients.

Using captured images, dentists can have better discussion with patients and build more trusting relationships so patients do not feel they’re being pressured into unnecessary treatments.

Experience Dentistry With PromiseVision3D

Heads-up Dentistry
  • True heads-up dental display for better ergonomics
  • Seamless four-handed Dentistry
  • Wonderful comfort, with freedom of movement and less eye fatigue
  • Rotate optical pod while keeping ergonomic posture
  • No binocular head
Quicker Procedures
  • Seamless four-handed dentistry for quicker procedures
  • Unobstructed peripheral vision
  • Improved patient awareness and rapport during procedure
  • Smaller learning curve compared to a regular microscope
  • Depth of field greater than 51mm to limit the focus change

3D For the End-User

All of the competitors use LG 3D TV which are wall mounted; and all eliminate the dentist’s ability to move from one operating position to another.

PromiseVision 3D is Integral with the microscope, allowing the user to always be in an ergonomic position.

Root Camp founder, Dr. Nguyen, talks about the new PromiseVision 3D Dental Surgical Microscope and how it gets him to his end result - serving his patients with expertise.

Image Capture with AMCAP

All 3D microscopes comes equipped with an AMCAP recording system.

It allows the user to:

  • Stream live video on a computer
  • Capture still images
  • Record full HD

Mounting Options

PromiseVision 3D offers a variety of mounting option including:

  • Floor
  • Fixed floor
  • Ceiling mount
  • Wall mount
  • High Wall mount

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