What Do Our Clients Say

Macquarie Street Periodontists is proud to be the first Tasmanian dental practice to install Kona Infection Control (KIC) taps. The practice utilises modern technologies to care for our patients and our staff. With these TGA approved taps, we are secure in the knowledge we are even better protected against the risk of fungal, bacterial and viral contamination.
Dr Raymond Chan, Macquarie Street Periodontists

Implementing these TGA approved antimicrobial taps into Dolls point dental care and Campus Dental has been hugely beneficial as I now have peace of mind that my patients, staff and I are even better protected against the risk bacterial and viral contamination. This has been a great choice!
Dolls Point Dental Care

Our new KIC taps couldn’t have come at a better time, giving our team and patients protection against fungal, viral and bacterial contamination with this first TGA approved ozone taps!
Dr Henry Mulla, First Choice Dental

We are expanding our implementation of Ozone Water from our kitchen and bar areas to now include other appropriate areas throughout our venues. In close consultation with our supplier, MINT Devices, we have further developed our procedures to utilise this natural resource, delivered by TGA approved equipment.
Thai Rock restaurant,Wetherill Park

Ozone in water can kill bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms by rapidly rupturing their cell membranes (within several seconds). The same effects occur when dental plaque is exposed to ozonated water as a rinse. Ozonated water has no side-effects such as unpleasant taste or tooth staining, which are characteristic of other biocides or disinfecting agents.
Professor Laurence Walsh, University of Queensland

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